Summer Camp 2009

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The Pagan Federation Mid-West and Wales Summer Camp 2009 was held near Pembrokeshire and was blessed with lovely sunshine. Thanks to Amber Elphick, Carolyn Prior and Paul Kevin William Rousselle for the following photos of the event:

Karl-James Langford's Wand-Making Workshop

General View of the Site Looking Towards the Various Stalls

Pat French's Flute Meditation Workshop

David Benton's Ancient Egyptian Religion Talk

The Temple Draig Ritual for Eris

Not the Only Clown in the Village

Susan Raven

Saw Fly

Karl-James Langford's "Make Hay, Burn Witches" Talk

Adam Stout

The Complementary Therapy Tent

Laurence Main Camlan's Talk on King Arthur's Last Battle

Susan Raven's Talk on Rudolf Steinler's Nature Spirits

Viv Nomad's Crop Circles Talk

Dawn Breaking Over the Summer Camp

Martin Giving an Insight into Organic Vegetable Growing On His Farm.

Death of Reason

The Closing Ritual

Late Night Chat Around the Fire

Ritual Altar

An Afternoon Talk

Painting Stall

Wych-Way Emporium

Crystals, Books and More For Sale
Drying Out the Drum Skins

Enjoying the Camp Fire

Tending the Camp Fire

Karl-James Langford